The funny mysteries of italian language

As my friend Nello highlighted yesterevening, an unappropriated use of english language, outside from a specific context, is a probable symptom of haughtiness. I absolutely agree with him. On the other side, my friend PornoRambo emphasized that the use of funny or uncommon italian words, often pertaining to a register too much elevated regarding the current conversation level, can be misinterpreted as a snobbish behaviour.
Obviously PornoRambo carried as an example some strange terms bravely used by Nello, like "companatico" (means "what you eat with bread"). Let's listen this recording for ulterior examples:

Pornorambo: Yeah, Nello, but you too employ terms that nobody knows, like "umbratile" or "porco mondo"!
All of us: What?

What could I say? The usual crash of titanics. As for me, who personally keep a sober and colloquial language, I prefer to stay guajeiely out of the issue.

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