Scarpe ai piedi e faccia seria

Dopo le visite dell’ONU della settimana scorsa, ora passano a trovarmi addirittura quelli del Dipartimento di Stato degli Stati Uniti. In piena notte, se il fuso orario non mi inganna. Non male, per un bloggo con meno di trenta visitatori al giorno:

department of these socks

Pur non sapendo di preciso di cosa si occupi il Dipartimento di Stato (dovrebbe essere una specie di Farnesona, quindi in pratica decide quali paesi o blog bombardare e quali no), sospetto potrebbe essere un buon momento per rispolverare la mia collezione di passaporti falsi e darmi alla macchia. Oppure un buon momento per saltare un po’ di fila.

Ehi, Mr. His Excellence The Department of State of the United States (excuse me for the redundancy, not my fault), if by chance you ever visit this webbloggo again*, please consider the possibility of hiring me in your nice department or in another state office there in U.S.
I’m good at writing stupid and not completely true things (absolutely false too, sometimes), I like to travel and mess up things, so I should be pretty suitable to meet your requirements. I know you received a lot of requests of people willing to work for Obama in last weeks, but hey, most of them don’t have a webbloggo as smart as mine, or written in an as funny language. Besides that, I’m italian and we don’t usually send résumés, but we trust in a good word by a kind and intelligent person like you.

Best regards,

The Blogger Formerly Known As Lusky

(but of course I could send you my complete name, which is way more shorter, if you contact me with credible credential and a solid proposal)

(don’t think you need a phone number, an e-mail address or google maps coordinates to contact me, do you? Of course not. You can find me in five mins if you want, and you can come with those pretty black cars and black shades and all and take me away and none of my dears will ever see me again.)

* Assuming you visited this site by chance the first time, and not under suggestion of your very efficient intelligence service or with otherwise originated hostile intentions.

Note estemporanee di zio Lusky:
State alla larga dagli anarchici informali, gli anarchici per bene si riconoscono perché danno sempre del lei e dicono buongiorno, buonasera, prego, si accomodi, e grazie.